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Rahyma was founded with a mission to start anew the conversation about vibrant fashion. 

To begin again the discussion of beautiful, engaging, and evocative womens’ wear.

This is fashion not for the faint of heart, nor the shy or the timid. 

Instead, it's to be worn by those wonderful women who lead, who decide, who advance.

Women who are born bold, women who live intently - women who bring out the best in themselves and everyone around them each and every day.

Rahyma’s designs are diverse, eye-catching, and simply unmissable. 

A kaleidoscope of colours, a precision surrounding each and every piece - with the cut and contours ensuring each and every piece offered is unique and distinct - each of our offerings aspires to truly bring fashion to life; and bring about a new energy and passion within you.

That is Rahyma’s guiding star, the daily mission of our team who go to work each and every day, wearing, creating, and loving the pieces we create, and the women they inspire.

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